Woven Shrimp
Woven Shrimp Jeremy's award winning Woven Shrimp dish.
Enjoy Bacon
Enjoy Bacon Filming at Crossfit Maximus. Yes, Jeremy's t-shirt says 'bacon'
Crossfit Maximus
Crossfit Maximus Talking with the guys from Crossfit Maximus. Check out those muscles!
Holiday Leftovers
Holiday Leftovers That leftover cranberry sauce tastes good on salmon
COOKIE!!!! Sylvia just can't let those Christmas cookies go...
Put the Cookie Down!
Put the Cookie Down!
Eat More Fish
Eat More Fish Eat more fish if you want to look like Sylvia's t-shirt! Visit the Recipe page for our Holiday Salmon
Holiday Salmon
Holiday Salmon Salmon with leftover cranberry sauce, swiss chard, and nuts. Visit the Recipe page to learn how to make it!
Slightly Singed
Slightly Singed Uh oh. Looks like Sylvia and blowtorches don't mix...
Peppermint Bark Bombe
Peppermint Bark Bombe Look at all the chocolate ganache. Visit the recipe page to find out how to make your own!
Cooking for the First Lady
Cooking for the First Lady A Peppermint Bark Bombe for First Lady, Jane Beshear.
Torching the Ham
Torching the Ham Why is Jeremy blow-torching that ham!? Check out the Video page and see for yourself!
Mmmm... Ham
Mmmm... Ham Delicious ham. Visit the Recipes page to find out how to make your own
Filming - Healthy Cooking
Filming - Healthy Cooking Filming a healthy cooking segment at Quality Construction Showroom
A Manly Meal
A Manly Meal A New York strip steak stuffed with beer cheese and pimento cheese. Visit the Video page to see how to make it!
Filming with the First Lady at Kentucky Gov. Mansion
Filming with the First Lady at Kentucky Gov. Mansion