Food News Can Be Scary

According to Liz Neumark in the Huffington Post "Foodies With Worries," the more we get into this food policy stuff, the scarier it gets.  The good news is that the consuming public is getting more attune to the importance of food and thus the policies that govern what we eat and thus how we live.  Neumark reports on the National Food Policy Conference sponsored by the Consumer Federation of America.

According to Neumark, the issues taken up were food safety (note the recent spate of recalls and the sequester related cutbacks that will be experienced for FDA inspections), food waste (it is estimated that we waste 40 percent of our food in America), hunger (one in four Americans are food deprived), the Farm Bill which is tilted toward big "farm-a" and as alluded to earlier, cutbacks in all that relates to delivering good food to our plates.

Conversations are popping up all over about food policy and what ordinary consumers can do.  Perhaps we should focus less on "local" foods and more on food in general.  After all, part of the confusion is that none of us know what "local" even means.  What is more important is to know more about food, its environmental costs and where it comes from.  If from a farm in California, we should factor in transportation costs in the equation of whether to bring it in or buy it locally.  Lots to consider but very important.