Here We "Gink"go Again!

Just when you thought there was a supplement you could rely on, we find out

that ginkgo biloba can kill us.  With cancer.  At least that is the verdict with lab rats - and they don't lie.

Millions of Americans take GB supplements to boost memory and prevent dementia.  Now, a major study caused an inordinate number of liver, thyroid and nasal tumors and cancers.  Though studies throughout the ages have rendered the supplement harmless, this one was particularly alarming.  In "science" talk, it was all about consistency of the results across rat gender and species that made the difference.  All tended to suffer the same maladies.  Dr. Cynthia Rider of the National Toxicology Program and the lead scientist observed: "With the ginkgo studies it was consistent across the sexes and the species.  The liver was a target, the thyroid was a target, and the nose."


Of course, as might be expected, the American Herbal Products Association, that represents companies that sell these products, protested loudly - they say the chemical make up of the version used was not what is used in the product they sell.  The government, sponsor of the study, begged to differ saying the product was purchased from a major supplier to American companies.


In all fairness, much larger quantities were given the rats than the doses ingested typically by humans.  One question though?  Does GB work on the intended targets, dementia and memory loss?  Hard to say the scientists observe as it would take millions of people taking it and millions to do a proper study.  Some studies say it makes no difference.


Bottom line? We remain confused.  Better to eat well and in moderation and limit the number of supplements you take.  If you take them then do that in moderation as well.  We won't get out of here alive but we can choose what will accompany our journey along the way.  If it makes you feel better and doesn't hurt anyone else then take it.  I have chosen not to take supplements.