Twenty-Something Alltech Staffers Talk "Genes"

What is going on when overhearing twenty-something Alltech staffers -- guiding 2,300 attendees to their seats -- there is talk of "genes?"

No, I didn't misspell it.  They were not talking jeans but about the bottom line of where scientific research is going and on which Alltech lies on the vanguard - genes!   However, I will say that there is some common ground.


It seems from recent research and a report from Dr. Eugenia Wang of U of L and an expert on DNA related RNA (the biological strands that make up who and what we are) that choosing your parents well is a pretty big deal in how healthy and perhaps even how "skinny" you are likely to be!  So, if you are a perfect candidate for skinny jeans perhaps you can thank your genes! 


And so, day one and one half at Symposium (started with a fabulous gala on Sunday evening) found 2,300 visitors from across the globe talking agriculture - it was to put it in Alltech's words - a GLIMPSE from 2006 through 2020 and beyond.  And, there was something for every hungry food production oriented eager mind in the audience.  It was all about how to not only start but sustain a business in turbulent times, (food businesses are not all that different from others), crisis management (when might the dreaded call come that there was a recall of your cantaloupes) and about cattle, crops, hogs and chickens.  


In a circle of life kind of discussion, it was also about lifestyle and health.  Dr. Wang, recipient of Alltech's prestigious Award for Excellence in Research put it best when asked what one in mid-life could do to either restore or sustain health.  The response of an incredibly gifts scientific, PhD scientist?  Get up each morning and smell a flower.  And, so she joins with many of us who believe that the blending of science and health will result in utilizing technology to truly make our lives better while not forgetting this: stopping to smell the roses is more than just a phrase and having a relaxing time with a beer and friends can go a long way to making our lives better.  It's ok if the rose and the beer are made better and healthier through technology.  


Alltech is into making our lives better.  It is a treasure about which Kentuckians should be more informed.  In my head, the core of Alltech is about making life better for all of us through healthier animals, crops and humans.  As Dr. Lyons would put it - we should fun throughout the journey and that includes some Kentucky Ale along the way!