Moonshine University – Where Else Should It Be But In Kentucky!

Kentucky was once again featured in an article about distilling.  Duh.  Who does it better you might say?  The article points out the obvious:  small batch distilling has cache!

Not to be outdone by other states offering up their claim to distilling fame, Kentucky is reclaiming its' status as the gateway to Bourbon with several small batch distilleries of its' own.  Moonshine University is an educational program from Distilled Spirits Epicenter.  The program is housed along with other distillery related businesses in a downtown former auto garage facility.  


Moonshine University revved up its engines in December and revives the history of distilling in Kentucky including the innovative souls that gave real meaning to “local” before it was popular with the masses --  before prohibition was repealed in 1933. Besides a historical perspective, a wide array of classes are offered in the art and business of distilling including evaluating whether the business is one you should go into. 


Drawing from the experts from some of the most famous distillers in the world – Maker’s Mark, Wild Turkey and Brown-Forman, Moonshine U has hit on something.  Getting a university degree at the same time sipping bourbon?  And, I majored in English literature???     

Check out more on the story "Learning to Distill Liquor in Small Batches” New York Times, May 19