Frankenfood Is Getting Squeezed Out

The campaign Genetically Modified Organism food is growing and achieving success.


Even though an initiative to require labeling lost in California, it is alive and well and moving through the system in Connecticut, Vermont and Maine according to this article.  Whether GMO’s are as bad as they are made out to be is beside the question. 


Like many public relations campaigns, this one is gaining steam due to perception that GMO’s are bad.  For their part, the GMO people likely stumbled by fighting the California labeling tooth and nail with big bucks!  People have a right to know what is in their food – an argument with which disagreement is difficult.  Transparency is fundamental in today’s world – what else do they not want us to know?


What is happening that is also significant is that the big grocery stores are demanding GMO free products.  For those who can afford to care, Whole Foods' policy of no GMOs is significant.  Finding suppliers of non-GMOs is not easy.  One crunch bar manufacturer hunted for months to find the right ingredients and then “had to work to achieve the same taste and texture we had with the old ingredients” (Lizanne Falsetto, thinkThin). 


This is how difficult the task of finding non-GMO ingredients is given that the vast majority of crops in the US are grown from Genetically engineered seeds (can you spell Monsanto?):   Eighty eight percent of corn, 94 percent of soy, most of Hawaii’s Papaya crop and more.  Stay tuned as the ocean liner gets turned around on this one.  Could get interesting. 


In the meantime, let’s not forget that technology has and can be our helpmate.  No need to penalize what works to make our lives better.  Let’s make it work for us not against us by becoming educated!