Distilling Deceit - Have You Heard of YUTs?

Adding to the growing confusion over what is local and craft or merely clever marketing to those who assign value whether deserved or not to the labeling of things, what exactly does all this mean?  And, have you heard of YUTs?

It stands for Young Urban Tradesmen,” described as the “leather-aproned, sepia-tone breed of ironmongers, tinsmiths, papermakers and the like who have embraced urban industrial homesteading.”  But, what are YUTS concocting in “distilleries” on our behalf and are some of them hiding behind the corporate facades and business practices that we claim to abhor?  Does the farmer really back his truck up at your favorite fast food restaurant and dump out a load of delicious “grown within a mile” potatoes?  


According to this article, in looking around at some of these distilleries, you would not see the hint of the workings of a distillery.  Many of the purveyors of these “local, craft” spirits merely buy the bulk goods, decant it into bottles and voila – we have craft/local... at a premium price, I might add.  You might ask if there are federal regulations that would encourage “truth in advertising” and charging a high price for not getting what you paid for?  No, there are not.  The feds worry about alcohol content and health warnings, etc. but it’s buyer beware on everything else. 


What is the answer?  One authentically pure “does it right” distiller Nicole Austin of the Kings County Distillery in Brooklyn, says consumer education is the key:  “I want people to understand why my product costs what it does and why it’s special.”  


You are right Nicole but while we know more thanks to the internet, we are more confused and in some cases hoodwinked even more than ever before!