As Always, it Was a Big Week in Food News!

As always, it was a big week in food news!  Here are just a few items from week ending 8/9/13


A Buzz in New York City – “100,000 Worker Bees on a Rooftop, Ignoring Urban Pleasures,” New York Times, 8/7/13


We all wondered where the bee population has gone.  Apparently, they are “roofing” it in New York City.  Discovering an astonishing number of bees on a rooftop, one sharp fellow set up hives and brought in some fancy bees from Europe.  We are talking 100,000 European honeybees!  As with just about everywhere, beekeeping is all the buzz in the City especially following  the lifting of a ban imposed by the Guliani Administration (no wonder he wasn’t elected president – the nerve).  Apparently, there is a movement across the country to add bee populations to rooftops (such as the Minneapolis city hall) to serve “green” initiatives and provide honey.  It’s called the cycle of life folks and some cities are really getting it.  We’ve come a long way since my grandfather, a farmer in the hills of Eastern Kentucky, would don his gear, go up on the hillside and “rob” (as he put it) those little critters.  


Poor Children Show a Decline in Obesity Rate,” New York Times, 8/7/13


Don’t worry like I did when I first read this headline.  I was concerned that this was because we were starving poor children.  I automatically linked the story in my head to the drastic cuts being proposed in the food stamp program.  But, actually the news is good.  The conjecture is that the obesity rate is going down because more parents are taking aim at food and paying attention to what their children eat.  In addition, with the current drive to serve healthy food in schools, we are getting a payoff.  Too bad we have so many people who are still saying that the healthy food movement is just a fad.  This is proof that a “fad” can make lasting and substantial differences.  Someone is paying attention even if the “experts” aren’t!