A Stroll Through The “Culinary” Park

With Mindy Shannon Phelps – what a delight she is – a rediscovery of a good friend after losing touch for years.  The reporter that she is led me on a food journey through the Woodland Arts Fair.  She was “girl reporter” and collected all the information.  I merely ate my way through it!


First Stop:

Two food episodes of this report from Cluckin’ Burger owned by Shawn Tibbetts.  Tibbetts is famous within the food truck movement.  This truck has real staying power and is passionate in pursuit of fairness for food trucks. We caught Adam Meyer of Fox 56 on camera doing a taste test of buffalo chicken nachos.  They were delicious says Meyer!  They sure looked good with gooey cheese all over and Adam generously allowed us to sniff.  I did hear an utterance from the Cluckin’ Burger prep tent:  “We are out of jalapenos!”  That's sacrilegious!  Second Cluckin’ – get jalapenos stat! 


Cluckin’ Burger Episode Two:

Glenda Jones and her daughter Valerie Byrd of Lexington asked to join us at our picnic table.  Mindy quickly jumped to her role as culinary Lois Lane. “What do you think of that grilled mixed  cheese ”?  “Great,” reported Valarie, “especially the cracked black pepper sprinkled on top.”   Says Syl, "Don’t try this at home – go to CB"; Glenda loved her chicken sliders served with mild jerk sauce.  I had a feeling that Glenda could have gotten very interesting had we not needed to move on.  Told me she watched my Food News and Chews television show because nothing else was on at that hour!  Hahaha. I just love an intentional curmudgeon!



Next Stop: 


Santorini’s Greek Corner owned by Alexis Chronis.  He has been in business for 50 years and seemed ready to hand it over to his sons.  He sat off to the side supervising the considerable action playing out before him.  Mindy and I shared a sampler plate of Greek salad, rice (very good flavorings), grilled chicken, shrimp and other kinds of unidentified fish (he may have told us and we missed it).  Mindy in favor of local foods says:  If I can’t identify a fish, I like to swim away!


Next Stop:


Blair Glier, owner of Glier’s Goetta.  Each of us was served a goetta sandwich.  I know a bit about goetta from my “hang out” days in Northern Kentucky.  With its' German ancestry and influence, Northern Kentucky is a hotbed of this sausage consisting of delicious ground pork, beef and 40 percent oats.  The latter made eating it justifiable and healthy – correct?  This Covington based company is spreading its wings across Kentucky and perhaps even the country.  I think you are definitely onto something Blair!  (Had the rest of the sandwich for breakfast!)


Next Stop:


Thirst set in after all the good food.  Visited Oak Barrel Lemonade – freshly squeezed right before our eyes and wonderfully refreshing.  With a story told over and over these days, it was a husband and wife team with day jobs but loving the business of serving lemonade to festival goers!


Oh, and there was a bunch of other stuff at the fair.  But for Foodies Sylvia and Mindy – it was all about the food!