Biz Lex Romance or Ruin Series

I have had the great privilege of moderating the Biz Lexington Romance or Ruin series of seminars on getting involved in the various aspects of the food and restaurant business.

The first was how to start a food truck, the second opening a franchise restaurant and the third just completed on August 22 was about opening a bar.  The fourth coming up will be on selling value added food products such as ice cream for instance.

I love to moderate and this is my idea of real fun – taking a ton of experts and weaving their thoughts together in what I would call a “fast” format!  By that I mean this series is a new way of conducting the serious business of education.

This would be where NO powerpoints are allowed.  Quick introductions, questions on motivation, first steps and essentials to getting into the business follow.  Best of all is the networking that takes place at the end.  It is a huge mash up of those who seek and those who hold pieces and parts of the answers.  Business cards are exchanged and businesses get born!  Isn’t that exciting! 

Thanks Robbie Morgan, Smiley Pete Director of Sponsorships & Events, for this great series!