Food News & Chews Episode 28 - Bill Best

Food News & Chews goes on a field trip to Berea, Kentucky in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains to visit world class heirloom vegetable seed saver Bill Best.



In food news, Chef & Sylvia chat about Mayor Bloomberg's mandatory composting proposal for New York City. Also, US Supreme Court declared genes can not be patented therefore making genome mapping more affordable. This is important in cases to determine predisposition to disease such as breast cancer. 

Food News & Chews joins Bill Best on his farm in Berea to get a behind the scenes look at farming heirloom tomatoes. Chef Jeremy & Sylvia get a schooling in varietals, growing, harvesting, preserving and seed saving tomatoes. This a delightful stroll through the countryside of the Appalachian mountains. 

Chef Jeremy teaches Sylvia and the Best family how to make a quick and simple stuffed heirloom tomato salad. Super impressive dish for great for sharing!