Food News & Chews Episode 29 - Boone Creek Creamery

Food News & Chews took a field trip to one of only four urban creameries in the United States, Boone Creek Creamery.  Join us as we learn about Ed Puterbaugh's artisan cheese making, hear some need to know food news regarding the benefits of eating cheese and learn how to make a quick and simple fried cheese.  It's the best fried cheese we've ever tasted thanks to Ed's Mama Mia!


Food news about the history of cheese and its' health benefits.  FNC discusses countries who have embraced cheese culturally, use it as an important source of diet as well regions that never developed a taste for it.

In our interview with Ed Puterbaugh, we learn how this microbiologist turned graphic designer turned artisan cheesemaker.  Chef Jeremy & Sylvia join Ed in the Boone Creek Creamery kitchen for cutting of the Sassy Red curds.  Take away fact of the day is great milk is the foundation for great cheese.  

Chef Jeremy teaches Sylvia how to prepare the best fried cheese with Ed's Mama Mia variety.  Chef lays it on a bed of homemade plum tomato sauce topped with a fresh, local kale salad.  This is the best fried cheese Food News & Chews have ever tasted.