Food News & Chews Episode 38 - Roadmap to Food Service with Dan Adams, C-Worth Superstore

Food News and Chews TV Show visits Dan Adams, owner of C-Worth Superstore, to chat about a roadmap to the food service industry.  When should you visit C-Worth?  What is the service area for C-Worth?  C-Worth offers AutoCAD services... what is that? Find out how that system works and more on this episode of Food News and Chews TV Show.


Chef Jeremy and Sylvia get in Azur Restaurant & Patio kitchen, designed and equipped by C-Worth, to cook up a burger of epic proportions.  Chef Jeremy makes a braised short rib, bacon and blue cheese stuffed burger!  Check it out!  It's a must try recipe!

Visit Dan at C-Worth Superstore at 1403 Versailles Road, Lexington KY.  Also, see the website at