Food News & Chews Episode 3

Chef Jeremy & Sylvia visit Kentucky's Governors Mansion and chat with the First Lady, Jane Beshear. 


In today's Foodington Toast, Chef & Sylvia talk about Top Food stories.  The drought, Farm Bill, Frankenfood and a serious bacon shortage.

First Lady Jane Beshear invites us into the Governors Mansion to chat with us about Kentucky's local food movement, agriculture, the Governor's garden program and her favorite holiday recipe.   The First Lady and the Governor made a commitment to use Kentucky products in serving meals at the mansion.   Guests of the Governor receive Kentucky sourced agriculture products and value added goods from local farmers.  It is more healthy, tastes better and is supporting Kentucky's agriculture economy.   Kentucky's Governors Mansion is definitely Kentucky Proud.

Chef Jeremy made the First Lady's favorite holiday recipe, Chocolate Peppermint Bombe.  It is a show stopping dessert! You can use local dairy & eggs to make it semi-local.  Fresh, quality ingredients make a difference in every recipe.