Food News & Chews Episode 6

Chef Jeremy and Sylvia share food news, chat with Elizabeth & Sammie Brooks about their roots in Alabama during the Civil Rights Movement then all get in the kitchen for barbecue and great family style side dishes.

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Food News & Chews Episode 5

On this episode of Food News and Chews, Chef Jeremy and Sylvia explore the world of Aquaculture from inside a new premiere facility at Kentucky State University. Foodington Toast focuses on responsible seafood practices, Chef & Syl chat with Aquaculture Specialist Angela Caporelli and an award winning Kentucky Aquaculture dish is prepared in the cooking segment.

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Food News & Chews Episode 4

Chef Jeremy and Sylvia are in the mood to get fit for the New Year. On this show: food news about fish, an old school way to get fit through a newer concept called Crossfit and learn how to cook a healthy Salmon dish.

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Food News and Chews - Healthy Salmon from Holiday Leftovers

Chef Jeremy Ashby and Sylvia Lovely show you how to create an incredible salmon dish that's good for your waistline using some leftovers from the holidays.

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Food News & Chews Episode 3

Chef Jeremy & Sylvia visit Kentucky's Governors Mansion and chat with the First Lady, Jane Beshear. 

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